Rates subject to change based on credit score.  Rates subject to change without notice. 
*VSI Fee is added on all vehicle secured loans. 
**APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR based on creditworthiness. 
+A $5.00 fee per day if an overdraft loan is generated. 
***Property insurance may be required. 
****No points/no closing costs programs are for purchases & refinances with a minimum loan amount of $100,000 and can only be used once a year from date of closing to new application date. 
Applicants must qualify for membership to NESC FCU.  APR = Annual percentage Rate.  APR is based on 20% down payment or 80% loan value and a minimum loan amount of $200,000.  Maximum loan amount is $417,000.  Pricing is based on owner occupied properties.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  Additional programs and pricing tiers are available, please contact us for specific terms.  Rate based on 45 day rate lock.  Mortgage loans may also be subject to risk-based-pricing adjustments.  All loans are priced individually. 

Rates Effective 04/01/14
New and Used Automobile & Motorcycle Loan Rates*
Cars, Trucks and Vans
Maximum Loan Amount $50,000
Model YearTermAPR**Estimated Monthly Payment per $1,000
2014 - 201036 Months2.49%$28.86
 60 Months2.49%$17.75
 72 Months2.99%$15.20
2009 & 200860 Months5.49%$19.10
2007 - 200448 Months7.49%$24.18
Recreational Vehicles (RV's) & Boat Loans
Model YearTermAPR**Estimated Monthly Payment per $1,000
New/Used36 Months4.49%$29.74
 60 Months4.49%$18.64
 84 Months5.49%$14.37
Min. loan is $25,000 for 84 mos.
Personal (Unsecured) Loan Rate
AmountTermAPR**Estimated Monthly
Payment per $1,000
60 Months10.99%$21.74
Secured Loan Rates
Collateral TypeTermAPR**Estimated Monthly
Payment per $1,000
Share Loan60 Months4.99%$18.87
 120 Months5.99%$11.10
Over Draft Loan+
Maximum LimitTermAPR**
$1,000.00Revolving Line of Credit16.00%
Fixed Home Equity Rates ***
80% Equity Ratio (90% Equity Ratio Available, call for rates)
Min. $20,000 Max. $150,000
TermAPR**Estimated Monthly Payment Per $1,000
60 Months2.99%$17.96
120 Months3.99%$10.12
180 Months4.99%$7.91
Home Equity Line of Credit Rates***
Min. $20,000 Max. $150,000
Special Rate - 1.99% Fixed until January 31, 2016
80%240 MonthsPrime Minus .25%
90%240 MonthsPrime Plus .75%
The interest rate is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
Maximum interest rate for HELOC is 18.00%

First Mortgage Rates****
Fixed Rate
RatePointsAPR**Payment per $1,000
30 Year 5.0005.037$5.37
20 Year4.5004.544$6.33
15 Year4.0004.049$7.40
10 Year

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